Laminate Flooring in Long Island

Laminate flooring is now a popular alternative for residential or commercial property owners looking for the natural beauty of wood flooring without its intricate installation and ongoing maintenance requirements. Available in a wide range of colors and styles that can be customized to the precise requirements of your Long Island home or business, A.R.T Flooring & Construction Inc provides professional laminate flooring installations and a full range of laminate flooring materials and options that include exceptional design and long-lasting durability.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Available in either planks or tiles, laminate flooring is a combination of several types of materials that are fused together. Stone, wood and tile can be designed in a range of grains and colors and then processed to achieve the type of surface desired.

Choosing Your Laminate Flooring Surface:

Smooth Laminate Surface – Offers a basic finish similar to hardwood that is finished in either high or low gloss.

Textured Laminate – Certain combinations can be designed to provide an embossed look that resembles a finely textured surface grain.

Distressed Laminate – A laminate surface that involves a specialized process, hand scraped laminate will add an antique look to flooring.

As laminate flooring technology continues to evolve, many new and unique designs become more readily available. Discuss a range of options with the experienced Long Island laminate flooring contractors at A.R.T Flooring & Construction Inc.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Glue-Less Click On – This installation method usually requires a laminate flooring underlay to protect against moisture depending on the characteristics of the installation area.

Glued Laminate – High-grade adhesives lock joints together and provide superior strength.

Pre-Glued – Laminate joints are pre-treated with an adhesive allow for easy installation.

A.R.T Flooring & Construction Inc laminate flooring contractors offer qualified advice and free assessments to assist Long Island business and homeowners with making informed decisions about the laminate flooring installation that best suits their specific requirements. Contact A.R.T Flooring & Construction Inc for a free estimate today.

The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

A Range of Exceptional Design Options - Learn more about the many style combinations available from our line of inexpensive laminate flooring available for your home or business in Long Island.

Ease of Installation – Whether you want to cover a concrete surface at your commercial location with decorative laminate flooring, or stylishly update the flooring in your kitchen, A.R.T Flooring & Construction Inc can customized installations to any size area and for most surfaces.

Superior Durability – Dent and scratch resistant, we provide high-quality laminate floor finishes that stand up to the wear and tear of an active household or busy commercial location.

Easy Maintenance – Simply damp mop or wipe up your laminate flooring with a moist cloth. A.R.T Flooring & Construction Inc’s laminate flooring never needs waxing and will not fade over time from exposure to UV rays.

Cost-Effective – The low cost of laminate flooring is perhaps its best advantage especially when weighed against the many style options and overall practical benefits.

A.R.T Flooring & Construction Inc installations for laminate flooring are backed by a full warranty and our own customer satisfaction guarantee. We provide free professional on-site estimates at your residential or commercial location in the Long Island region.